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Lost your car keys or need a spare? Locked out of your home or need additional security?

Car Safety: 3 Ways to Ensure Your Car is Kept Safe from Break-in

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If you’re like everybody else and, to some degree, you actually like your car and want to keep it safe from being broken into – keep reading as we’ve got a list of 3 ways to ensure your car is kept safe from break-in!

Like most of the western world you’ve got a car which takes you from A to B regularly and it’s your duty to keep it roadworthy, taxed & insured (unfortunately). What happens though when, by no fault of your own, your car is broken into, stolen and most probably vandalised?

1) Keep it in a garage

This might sound pretty obvious but a surprising amount of cars are stolen form busy streets on a yearly basis. Sometime the theft can occur right outside your front door. If at all possible park your car in your garage, if you have one, or rent one if you’ve got the cash. It might seem like a silly idea to pay for a parking garage but think of the cost that you would have to lay out in the case of vandalism or theft. You’ve got an increased premium next year, you might have to buy a new(er) car and the time you’ll have to spend in getting a replacement on the road is not really worth it.

Pro Tip: A local parking garage might offer cheap monthly parking fees which you can take advantage of.


2) Get a alarm

If you’re lucky enough to have a newer car chances are that you’ll have a manufacturer alarm installed already. In many cases though even with the factory installed alarm it may not be obvious that it is in fact installed. By placing a simple sticker on your windows might just save you from break-in letting thieves know that your car is alarmed and in order. If you’ve got an older car it might be worth considering getting an alarm installed. We know you’ll say “but that’s going to cost more than the car is worth” but again if you think of the consequences of not having an alarm fitted you might reconsider.

Pro Tip: Sometimes having a little red flashing LED on your dashboard is a deterrent for thieves. Changing out your locks can also keep thieves at bay


3) Keep your keys safe

A huge number of cars are stolen in broad daylight every day by keys being taken form a table inside the house of the car owner. Don’t make it easy for the bad guys, make sure you hide your keys in a secure place in your home and make it a habit of doing so. Installing a safe in your home can also take care of this problem. Remember also that when you’re in a public place that if an opportunity arises for a thief they will take it. Along with mobile phones car keys are among the most stolen items in public places. Keep your keys in your wallet, hand bag or coat – anywhere but in public view and temptation

Pro Tip: If your car locks have been tampered with make sure to replace the locks and they keys. Newer cars have sophisticated key configurations which can be immobilised immediately by professionals in case of tampering


Finally, if you’ve been careful and your car or van has still been stolen the last resort might be for this guy to help you out!!




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