Lost your car keys or need a spare? Locked out of your home or need additional security?

Our full range of auto locksmith services for your car, van, truck or motorcycle

Our auto locksmith will cut and programme replacement vehicle keys, even without the original key. That’s right, even without the master key! We provide road side solutions independent of manufacturers and main dealers. We have the requisite expertise to produce new car keys even without this information. Our Motor Key Assist replacement service is used by the general public and motor industry alike.

How do we produce your replacement car keys?

Our auto locksmiths carry key blanks, remote keys and transponder chips for most makes of vehicle. Our Lock Doctor mobile vans are fully equipped with all the necessary machinery to cut your replacement car keys at any location.

Need a spare car key?

If you are in possession of a single key, we can provide you with a duplicate. Depending on your key or transponder type, we are in most cases able to make a replacement copy of your coded car key. This type of car key replacement utilises specialist equipment for copying the code onto a new transponder chip. Newer models of cars however, use an encrypted chip which cannot be copied. In this case we are able to produce a replacement key and code it directly to your vehicle using specialist diagnostic tools whether its a car, motorcycle, truck or van.

Have you recently purchased a used car with a single key?

If you have just purchased a used car that came with a single key, you should acquire a spare in the event of loss. Moreover, have you ever considered that most used cars have more than one key programmed into its immobiliser? This significantly reduces vehicle security. We are happy to explore the reprogramming of your vehicle immobiliser system, thereby increasing the vehicles security. Get in touch with us at Lock Doctor auto locksmiths, so that our car locksmith can help you solve and problem you are have with your car keys.

A selection of the 1000′s of keys that we have in stock:

Here is just a selection of the thousands of car keys and key fobs we have in stock.


Auto Locksmith Services

Concerned about security?

Looking to improve the security of your vehicle? We carry a range of truck and van locks as well as magnetic padlocks to help secure motorcycles and scooters when not in use. Visit our product page for more details, call into any of our nationwide shops or call us on 1850 555 000.

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