Lost your car keys or need a spare? Locked out of your home or need additional security?

London’s Audi Car Key Replacement Specialists – serving Audi drivers who have lost their Audi Keys or Remote Fobs

London’s Audi car key replacement specialists are here to help should you need to replace your Audi keys or remote fobs. Whether you’ve lost them, or broken them, our experts can help. Below you will find more information on the process that is used.

Duplicating or Replacing an Audi key is a three-stage process: 

Step 1: A new key blade (either a traditional car key or a laser remote control flip key) must be cut accurately to unlock the doors and fit the ignition.

Step 2: The transponder chip inside the replacement Car Key must be electronically “paired” to your Audi vehicle so the ECU recognizes it when the key turns in the ignition

Step 3: The remote fob (if opted for one) needs to be synced to the vehicle as well in order for the central locking to work.

Lock Doctor – London’s Audi Car Key Replacement Specialists

Our trained specialists in Audi car keys can visit your vehicle wherever it is located at a time that suits you – and supply and programme a new-car key for your Audi vehicle while you wait even if you are locked out and have lost all your car keys. In addition to that, we are dedicated to saving our customers money by comparison to Dealers’ prices.