Lost your car keys or need a spare? Locked out of your home or need additional security?

Do you need Lost Mercedes Car Key Replacement across London? AutoKey Squad is Britain’s leading replacement mercedes remote fob supplier. Their Mercedes Car Key Fob specialists will attend your vehicle and programme a replacement fob for you at your vehicle while you wait.

  • All Mercedes Benz vehicles manufactured since 1995 are equipped with a factory-fitted immobiliser system linked to a small computer chip embedded in the Chrome or black plastic remote key Fob. This makes the key cutting & programming procedure relatively complex and typically requires Dealer-level diagnostic programming. So what are your options if you lose or break your Mercedes key fob?
  • Typically, most motorists will turn to their local Dealership as their first port of call. Your Mercedes-Benz dealership will normally ask you to take your vehicle to your local Dealership. (or have it recovered on a tow truck if you have lost all your keys and are unable to drive your vehicle)
  • Finally, a replacement key will then be ordered and manufactured at Mercedes-Benz headquarters and delivered by courier to your dealership. The whole process takes a number of working days to complete and you will also need to provide extensive documentary evidence such as insurance and proof of purchase before the process is even initiated.