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Lost your car keys or need a spare? Locked out of your home or need additional security?

Replacement Vehicle Key

Replacement Vehicle Key

Lock Doctor are well known across Ireland for assistance in motor key emergencies. Our mobile units are the best equipped in Ireland and allow us to produce replacement vehicle keys for all types of vehicles at the roadside. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Recently however, our Laois-based technician, Dean, found himself rescuing someone responding to an emergency of their own.

Late on a stormy Friday night in December, Dean received a call from Blood Bike East requesting assistance for one of their voluntary motorcyclist just outside of Carlow town. While refuelling on an urgent journey to transport blood to a local hospital, the key to his Honda motorcycle had broken while in the petrol cap. This left the volunteer unable to continue his journey and with limited time in which to deliver his urgently needed supplies. Fortunately, Blood Bike East wasted no time in calling 1850 555 000 and requesting assistance from Lock Doctor.

Dean arrived at the scene in a matter of minutes, much to the relief of the Blood Bike rider. Expert auto locksmith skills allowed Dean to remove the broken key fragments from the petrol cap of the motorcycle. Meticulous training with the equipment in his mobile unit meanwhile meant he was able to produce a replacement vehicle key for the motorcycle by the road in moments.

Before an hour had past the voluntary motorcyclist was back on the road with his vital supplies and was able to make his urgent, lifesaving delivery in time.

At Lock Doctor we firmly support the hard work the selfless volunteers at Blood Bike East do and as such this complete service was carried out free of charge. If you would like to know more about Blood Bike East, please visit

And of course if you ever find yourself in a similar position, contact us nationally on 1850 555 000, email us on or call into any of our shops nationwide.

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