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7 Ways to Secure Your Business Over the Christmas Holidays

Christmas is nearly here which means that all businesses will be closed for anywhere between 2 days up to 2 weeks. This will leave a lot of businesses empty and some may even be left vulnerable. One thing is for sure is that burglars are aware of this and they will attempt to take advantage of the holiday season. Luckily, it is possible to secure your business business or office by taking these few small steps.

1 – Set your alarm correctly

Before you close for the Christmas holidays, make sure that your business has a security alarm that works efficiently. Once you have tested the alarm, make sure you set it correctly before leaving the building. This is the best way to secure your business. Lock Doctor do not supply alarms but we do recommend every business to have one. We do however supply and fit access control which will help you control who is allowed enter the building.

2 – Secure Every Possible Entrance

As you close up the office or business before the holidays, you should close and secure every door and window. This includes locking every door if it has a lock and using shutters or blinds that may be on the window.

3 – Window Restrictors and Window Locks

Use window restrictors and window locks on ever window there is in the building. This will make it almost impossible for burglars to gain entry via a window. Window locks and window restrictors can be purchased in every Lock Doctor shop. This is an easy but an efficient way to secure your business. We will supply and fit window locks or restrictors for you. Need more info? Call us on 1850 555 000.

4 – Place small valuable items in a safe

Small important items such as cash, cheques, important documents, UBS sticks, external hardrives or even jewellery should be locked away in a secure safe. This will give you peace of mind that even if a burglar got in, your most important possessions would be safe. Safes are almost impossible to break into unless the burglar has the combination for the lock or some really sophisticated technology which in most cases they won’t. Safes can be purchased at any Lock Doctor shop or we can help you find the perfect Safe if you call us on 1850 555 000. We will supply as well as fit a Safe for you at your business. Lock Doctor also supply and fit Designer Safes to coordinate with your interior design.

5 – Keep everything valuable out of site 

Make sure that items such as TV’s, Computers, Laptops, Tablets and even expensive furniture are kept out of site. This means that you should give outsiders the impression that there is nothing valuable inside your business. This will give burglars the impression that your building is not worth breaking into.

6 – Help from neighbouring businesses

Let neighbouring businesses that you trust know when you are going on holidays so that they will be alert if they notice anyone hanging around your business while you are away. If that is not possible then you could always pop by your business occasionally every couple of days or have someone nearby do it.

7 – Security Lights

Security Lights are one of the most practical and effective ways to prevent crime around your home, garage and also your business. Security lighting is a deterrent as it exposes the burglar. A burglar always looks for places with little or no lighting.

The NightWatcher has a patent pending motion tracking feature built into a PIR lamp. The NightWatcher detects an intruder’s motion within the field of vision of the PIR. It then points the lamp directly at the intruder. As the intruder moves across the PIR field of vision, the motorized NightWatcher lamp head also takes aim and follows.

Security lights can be purchased at any Lock Doctor shop. Lock Doctor will supply as well as fit security lights for your business. Need more info? Call us anytime on 1850 555 000.

Need more tips on how to secure your business this Christmas? Call us on 1850 555 000.

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