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Lost your car keys or need a spare? Locked out of your home or need additional security?

Secure panic bar emergency exit system

Automatic Panic-Bar: Automatic Locking Bolts

Self-Closing Anti-Panic Security System

Automatic Panic-Bar is an innovation, ideal for all environments with emergency exits requiring security from the outside.

Lock Doctor Gorilla Lock 4 Gorilla Lock Emergency Exit

The Product

With the Automatic Panic-Bar self-closing security lock, emergency exits are finally protected from the outside too and become more user-friendly: when closing the door, the lever automatically triggers the bolts’ closure with all its locks engaged. When necessary, the automation can be deactivated by means of the patented control.

The “latchbolt” or traditional “latch”, is often insufficient to cope with break-in. The latch in the Automatic Panic-Bar is integrated and reinforced by complete self-closing security locks that can be fitted on single-leaf armoured doors up to 130 cm wide.

All models are available with automatic locking and prepared for unlocking with the europrofile cylinder. In the event of an emergency, by pushing the panic-bar down, the lock opens immediately, even if locked with a key, thereby allowing swift exit in the event of an emergency.

Lock Doctor Gorilla Lock 3

  • Available with panic-bar or security handle, both in 2 versions, lateral or triple.
  • Automatic internal locking. Locking and unlocking from the outside using appropriate europrofile cylinders.
  • Options to control just the “latch” (“latchbolt”) with an outside handle.
Greater Protection, Greater Security

External protection can be entrusted to the security lock with lateral or triple locking and the 29/36 mm travel of the bolts.
The security lock is much more resistant to burglary than the traditional push-bar (which only locks with the use of a “latchbolt”).

The automatic locking of the lock bolts makes the door much safer and reliable, without the need for manual locking with a cylinder. To check the locking/unlocking status, micro-switches are available on request signalling:

  • Door Open
  • Automatic Locking
Double Certification, Double Security

The Automatic Panic Bar, in panic-bar version (series 86510, 530) and emergency handle version (series 86410, 430) has been certified by ICIM according to EN 1125 (push-bar) and EN 179 (handle). In addition, both versions carry the CE mark.


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