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Lost your car keys or need a spare? Locked out of your home or need additional security?

Revolutionary key tracking, control and management solutions


Manage and control bunches of keys easily and securely. Keytracker offers the biggest range available in the key and vehicle key tracking market. Choose from mechanical, electronic and revolutionary RFid technology.

The world’s largest range of Key control and Management cabinets and systems.

Key Tracking

Easy to use, Keytracker Mechanical Systems.

  • Mechanical and Electronic systems for tracking 10-1000 keys
  • Secure – Key Cabinets & Safes
  • Clever Key Cabinets that keep all keys in exactly their correct place and record who has any keys at any time
  • Smart – e-Lite Electronic Systems
  • Secure Storage and Quick Access for all items, keys and assets
  • Tracking systems for any items that are regularly used and returned

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