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Three Ways to Boost Home Security

Three Ways to Boost Home Security:

We live in an age where home security is a necessity rather than a luxury.

According the the Central Statistics Office national database there were 26,317 recorded Burglary and related offences in the 12-month period ending in Q1 2014, representing a decrease of 363 (-1.4%) when compared with the corresponding period ending in 2013.  Comparing the same periods, Aggravated burglary offences rose by 19.5% while recorded Burglary (not aggravated) offences decreased by 1.3% to 25,340.

Although these statistics may seem quite disturbing and frightening, there are many precautions you can take to boost your home security and ensure that your home is safer and less likely to fall into the above statistics.


Install Outdoor Security Lights:



Security lights are a very practical way of deterring burglars from your property. Burglars are most likely to seek out properties with little or no lighting, which makes things a whole lot easier for them.

If you install outdoor security lights as part of your home security package then you are less likely to fall victim to burglary. Here at Lock Doctor Ireland we provide outdoor security lighting that has a motion tracking sensor feature built into a PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) lamp, which tracks the movement of an intruder on or in your property.


Strengthen Doors from Forced Entry:


Almost two-thirds of burglaries involve forced entry, which is partly due to weak door locks and mounting hardware.

To bolster locks,install the Secure Ring chain, which is a simple steel chain and loop that attaches to your door handle for added security. It can withstand the force of a battering ram, should your house ever be raided but for more conventional day to day use It is effective enough to use as a simple child safety lock.


Reinforce windows:


Not only are homes burgled through forced entry through doorways, but also through windows. Our window restrictors can be used for child safety, added security and safe ventilation of your home. They are just another added home security fixture that will make you and your family safer in your home.

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