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What NOT to do if you’re Locked Out of Home


What NOT to do if you’re Locked Out of Home:

Locked Out? We have all done it. We have rushed out the door, forgetting that out door locks when we pull it behind us, leaving the keys next to the fruit bowl instead of putting them in the front pocket of your briefcase where you generally keep them. Or we have misplaced our keys on a night out. There is no other way into the house. There are no windows open, there are no spare keys with the neighbours or family members. So what do you do? Well, here is a list of things NOT to do if you are locked out of home:

Break the Window:

Some people think this is an easy solution to being locked out. Sure, you could tap in the small window panel next to your door, but fat lot of good that will do if you have no spare key. Now you have to pay for a locksmith AND you have a window to replace.

Use a Credit Card:

This is like something we see in the movies. In theory, it looks pretty slick and we would all love to be able to do it, but in practice, you’re basically destroying your credit card, which, we would imagine here at Lock Doctor, could be used for far more important and entertaining purposes.

Scale the Drainpipe:

This is just dangerous. We are not all ninjas with stealthy climbing skills as well as light limbs. Don’t put yourself at risk, you’ll end up with a ruined gutter and downpipes and possibly some broken bones.

You know what you should do though?

Just call Lock Doctor’s 24 hour locksmith service! It’s the most logical as well as quickest solutions. No damage, one payment and also mmediate results as well as peace of mind. Now, why would you even dream of doing anything else?

Need locksmiths in an emergency such as being locked out of your home? Call our 24 hour line on 1850 555 000. Click here for other ways you can contact Lock Doctor.

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