Home Security Survey

A Home Security Survey from Lock Doctor

The nights are fair drawing in” as your grandmother used to say, which means Christmas isn’t far away. You might be heading home for the holidays or out on the town for the party season. You may even be lucky enough to be jetting off for some winter sun. Either way, you should prioritise home security. Whatever you have marked in your calendar, make sure that taking our quick home security survey gets ticked off before you go.

Doors and Windows

1. Are all of your doors fitted correctly? Is each door also secured with an appropriate lock?
2. Do you have glass panels in any of your doors? Have they also been reinforced to prevent shattering?
3. Do you have a wide angle viewer (peephole) fitted in your main door? If not, is there another way to see who is at the door before answering?
4. Is there a security chain or door restrictor in place? Do you make use of it?
5. Have you ever changed your locks? Is it also possible a previous occupant has a key to any of your doors?
6. Do you keep spare keys with friends, family or neighbours?
7. Do you always lock your doors when you go out?

Doors & Window Part 2

8. Do you lock your doors when working as well as relaxing in the garden?
9. Do you have any sliding as well as patio doors? If so, have you installed additional security locks? 

10. Are doors properly fitted on your garage as well as other outlaying buildings?

11. Do garage doors have secure locks as well as deadbolts fitted?
12. Do you keep your garage door closed when not in use?
13. Are all windows fitted correctly? Are secure locks also in place?
14. Can window opening be restricted to prevent access while open?
15. Do you ensure all windows are closed when leaving home?

Inside Security

1. Do you check for ID before letting cold callers as well as serviceman in?
2. Do you also take steps to avoid keeping cash in your home?
3. Do you have lights with automatic timers fitted?
4. Does your home always give the outward appearance that there is someone inside?
5. Have you taken a note of the model as well as the serial numbers of valuable items?
6. Have you recorded pictures of valuable items which have no model or serial number?
7. Are car keys as well as house keys kept out of sight when not in use?

Outside Security

1. Can your house number be seen from the street?
2. Is there sufficient external lighting outside the front as well as the back of your home?
3. Is there lighting outside your doors to allow you to identify visitors?
4. Can your home be seen clearly by passers-by as well as neighbours?
5. Have you ensured windows as well as doors are not obscured by plants or hedges?
6. Have you looked around your home to identify ways that burglars could gain access?
7. Are tools and ladders kept out of reach from potential burglars?
8. Are bikes, tools or machinery stored in your garage or shed? If so, are they chained and padlocked to prevent theft?
9. Are any shed doors secured with appropriate locks?


1. Do you have a neighbour you know as well as trust? Keep a spare key with then and also notify them of any travel plans.
2. If you are away, arrange to have your neighbour collect your post as well as your deliveries.
3. Does your neighbour have a vehicle they can park in your driveway while you are away?
4. Make arrangements to have your lawn mown if you are away for an extended period?
5. Have you notified Gardaí if you are away for an extended period?
6. Have you joined your local neighbourhood watch as well as community alert group?

We’re all about safety as well as home security here at Lock Doctor so if you have answered “no” to any of the questions on our checklist contact us nationally on 1850 555 000. You can also email us on or call into any of our shops nationwide. Together we will help you ensure that your home is as safe and also as secure as possible this winter.