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4 Tips For Better Van Security

4 Tips for Better Van Security

Van traffic has grown faster than car traffic over the last 60 years. This means that Dan the van man might be a lot closer than you think, with valuables that can be easily targeted by thieves. In the eyes of the thieves, vans are big fat dollar signs, they are normally full of tools or equipment that can be worth as much as the van. From everything like drills, hammers and wrenches to the new kitchen sink, your bike or even your dog, your van might be worth a lot more than you realise. Therefore, it might be time for you to increase your van security.

We understand that sometimes burglaries cannot be avoided but here are 5 tips you can try to make your belongings as safe as possible in your van:

1. Out of sight, Out of mind

This old saying used to refer to children but there aren’t many children today that would live by that rule. Instead, applied to your belongings, make sure that if your newest iPhone and six thousand pound handbag are inside your vehicle, they aren’t in full view of anyone that walks past. Anyone would be intrigued by expensive belongings on show!

You should make sure that your belongings are stored away from the front of the van. Put them in the back where they are harder to notice. Thieves might not bother robbing your van if they think it is empty.

Overnight it can also be extra beneficial for you to remove any valuables from the van. Store them in your house, in the garage or even in the garden shed. This will make it harder for the thieves to get to them.

2. Lock the Doors

This might sound straight forward but is your van actually locked? Many people get home at night, collapse into bed, find out their van has been broken into only to realise they left the doors open.

Make sure that before you sit down to watch the telly or jump into bed, that you’re van is locked up for the night.

3. Get New Locks Fitted

One of the best ways you can improve van security is to get new van locks fitted. If you have had your van for a number of years and the locks are starting to rust, or you have recently purchased it but you still think they need a bit of revamp, then contact Lock Doctor.

Providing you with a fresh set of locks means you can have peace of mind. Thieves won’t even bother to try open your van as it would be such a difficult task.

4. Park in a Garage

If you have read all these rules and you still aren’t convinced then park your van in your garage forever. Lock the doors, hide inside and never use your van. We couldn’t think of a better way to deter thieves from stealing from you. Just pretend your van doesn’t even exist. Surely that will give you better van security?

For a new set of van locks, visit Lock Doctor today.