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How Lock Doctor Can Help with a Home Lockout

Home Lockout – Lock Doctor can help

A home lockout is a major inconvenience to your day but it can happen to any of us. It can also happen in a number of ways. You can accidentally lock your keys into your house. You can lose your keys or your keys can be stolen. If any of these scenarios happens to you then call our 24 hour helpline on 1850 555 000. One of our locksmiths will come to you to help.

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If you lock your keys into your house:

A home lockout can happen to the best of us. You could be in a rush and just presume that your keys are in your pocket or bag. So you close over the door on the way out and before you know it you are locked out of your home. Your first step should be to contact a family member or neighbour and ask them if they have a spare key. If not, then call Lock Doctor on 1850 555 000. One of our locksmiths will come to you to help. We will open your door without causing any damage. You will then be able to enter your home and retrieve your keys. We are 24 hour locksmiths so we can come and help you no matter what time it is.

If you lose your house keys:

Losing your house keys can really cause a big inconvenience to your day especially if you don’t have a spare set handy. If you are locked out after losing your keys, call us on 1850 555 000. One of our locksmiths will come to you and open your door for you. As well as this, they will be able to cut a new set of keys for you there and then.

If your keys are stolen:

Having your house keys stolen is stressful and makes you feel less secure in your own home. Lock Doctor can help you gain some piece of mind in this case. Call us on 1850 555 000 and we will come to you to help. Our locksmiths will change the locks on your doors and cut you a new set of keys. We can also offer you a free domestic security survey to help you improve the security of your home.