5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Safe in Your Home

Why You Should Have A Safe in Your Home

Safes are often found in offices and business but many don’t realise that they could also be useful at home. Domestic security is essential for every home and Safes are one way to help you secure your most important possessions. Lock Doctor stock a range of different safes such as hidden safes, gun safes and fire resistant safes. If you want to find the perfect safe, visit your nearest Lock Doctor shop. You can also call us on 1850 555 000 to discuss putting a Safe in your home.

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1 – Protect Valuables from Burglars:

The idea of theft or a break in is a stressful thought for any homeowner. In the event that a burglar would enter your home, a Safe can give you that extra layer of security. If you have your most valuable possessions or important documents stored in a safe, a burglar shouldn’t be able to take them. Safes can only be opened using your unique combination which makes them difficult or even impossible for thieves to open. If you have a hidden safe, a burglar may never even be able to locate it never mind open it.

2 – Keep Valuables Away from Kids or Pets

Store important documents, jewellery or expensive gadgets such as tablets in your safe and away from kids and pets. This will prevent your valuables or important documents from being damaged or broken. It will also mean that kids and pets will be able to roam around the house freely without you worrying about them breaking or damaging anything.

3 – A Safe can be an important factor in an emergency drill

Every home should have a plan in case of an emergency such as a fire, flood or storm. A Safe can help you plan an emergency drill. Store items such as important documents, torches, batteries and even a first aid kit in your Safe. During an emergency, one of your first steps should be to go to the safe and retrieve these items. This will help you save time on searching for items and means you get out of the house quicker.

4 – Fire Resistant Safes

Lock Doctor can help you find the perfect Safe even if it is a fire resistant safe. If you have a fire resistant Safe in your home, then it is important to store your most expensive possessions in it along with important personal documents. In an event where there is a fire, then you don’t have to worry about losing any of your belongings as your possessions and documents will be secure inside your Safe.

5 – Never Lose Important Documents Again

Looking for important documents such as insurance policies, birth certs and passports can unnecessarily take up a lot of time. Place these important personal documents in the Safe in your home and you will never have to go looking for them again. This means that everytime you have to renew an insurance policy, find a birth or marriage cert or look for your passport, you will know exactly where it is.