Garden shed

How to protect your garden shed this summer

Sheds are usually crammed full of expensive kit such as garden tools and camping gear, hobby equipment, bikes, and DIY tools are all often stored.

Unfortunately, this can make these structures highly attractive to burglars and opportunistic thieves. We all usually strive to make sure our homes are as secure as possible but many times the same cannot be said for our outbuildings.

This guide looks at some great tips to help you protect your sheds this summer. From motion sensor security lights to installing quality security door locks, we have compiled a list of tips and hints to help protect your valuables.

1.    Keeping up appearances

The first tip is simply to make sure that your garden and outbuildings look well-maintained. Thieves prefer soft targets, and a well-groomed garden sends an outward message that this is a property where care is taken, and the chances are that this care extends to security measures as well.

2.    Shed a little light on the matter

Motion sensor lights are a fantastic deterrent. Easily and cheaply fitted, motion sensor lights will send potential burglars scurrying for the dark shadows and heading off to find easier prey!

If you are looking for something a little more advanced, then many modern lighting systems also have Wi-Fi connected cameras that can let you record the action. Many also have accompanying apps that allow you to control various parameters like detection sensitivity and timings.

If you need any advice on what lights are best for your shed, then our experts at Lock Doctor will be delighted to advise you.

3.    Good locks are the key!

Soft targets make easy pickings for thieves. Very often, just the sight of a decent lock (or locks!) is enough to put them off. A simple padlock is unlikely to be much of a deterrent, so it is best to invest a little to protect your valuables.

A good quality door lock supplemented by one or two mortice security bolts will go a long way to discourage potential burglars. If you have any doubt about what locks are best, then contact us for some expert advice.

4.    Don’t forget the windows and hinges

The best locks in the world won’t help if burglars can simply remove the hinges or ease a window open. Again, it is important to put some effort into making these tricky to compromise.

Quality hinges that are well secured and protected by hinge bolts (sometimes called dog bolts) are essential for fully securing your shed door. Windows, by their very nature, are trickier to secure. But once again, just ensuring they aren’t an obvious soft target can be enough.

Installing locks on your windows and securing grilles on the inside of the building will dissuade most thieves from attempting a break-in.

5.    Be alarmed!

For the ultimate deterrent, consider installing an alarm system in your shed. Entry-level alarm systems don’t cost the earth and are a highly effective deterrent system.

For more comprehensive protection, consider Wi-Fi-enabled systems. These incorporate cameras and other features like remote control, programmable zones, remote notifications, and live view functions.

6.    Tell the world!

Finally, good security systems are rarely put to the test because thieves seek softer targets. Once you have your shed properly secured, then make sure there is plenty of signage on your premises that warn potential thieves that this is not the soft target they are looking for!

Summing up

Protect your valuables this summer by spending a little TLC on your sheds. Adding extra security to your outbuildings doesn’t cost the earth, and with insurance companies often reluctant to pay out on claims because not enough security was in place, you could save yourself a lot of heartache and money.

At Lock Doctor, our security specialists can help ensure that your outbuildings are as secure as your home. Why not call us today for some free and impartial advice.