Lost your car keys or need a spare? Locked out of your home or need additional security?

best locksmiths in Ireland

5 Reasons to Visit your local Lock Doctor shop

Galway Store Location

Visit Your Local Lock Doctor Shop Lock Doctor are 24 hour nationwide locksmiths across Ireland. Our 24 hour call out locksmith service covers all of the Republic of Ireland. This means that if you are experiencing a locksmith emergency then you can call us on 1850 555 000 and we will come to you no […]

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Looking for a New Locksmith? What to Consider

Lock Doctor - Locksmiths

Looking for a New Locksmith Lets face it; you will never know when your going to need one but sometimes it can be like “waiting for a bus” as the saying goes. It’s not until that time when you’ve locked your keys into your car that you’ll need the services of a locksmith but then you’ll […]

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What NOT to do if you’re Locked Out of Home

best locksmiths in Limerick

  What NOT to do if you’re Locked Out of Home: Locked Out? We have all done it. We have rushed out the door, forgetting that out door locks when we pull it behind us, leaving the keys next to the fruit bowl instead of putting them in the front pocket of your briefcase where […]

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Protect Your House from Break-in This Summer

Protect Your House from Break-in This Summer - Lock Doctor

Protect Yourself from a Break-In at Home As the summer rolls into Ireland, we all tend to let our guard down a bit when it comes to house safety. You may be heading for warmer climates or doing the “Staycation” thing this summer. We’ve got a few tips for you when it comes to protecting […]

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Secure your Commercial Premises with these Three Simple Steps

Commercial Building- Lock Doctor

Commercial Security Advice: With so much added security these days, it can be difficult for burglars to gain entry to your commercial premises. Although, that certainly doesn’t mean they won’t try. Burglars are always looking for new as well as ingenious ways to crack your security and gain entry to your business. Here are some […]

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Three Ways to Boost Home Security

Three Ways to Boost Home Security: Boost Home Security in three simple steps. Home security is a necessity rather than a luxury so take care of your home now. According the the Central Statistics Office national database there were 26,317 recorded Burglary and related offences in 2014 in a 12-month period. This represents a decrease […]

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Lock Doctor Review from Claire Jones

Locked out Making a call to Lock Doctor

Lock Doctor Review We love to get a Lock Doctor review. It helps us improve our business as well as show us how we are doing. Our 24 hour service makes sure we are here for you always and also ready to help whenever. We got this email earlier on from a very happy Lock […]

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