8 Reasons to Change Your Locks at Home

Change Your Locks at Home

There are plenty of reasons as to why you may need to change the locks of your house. Some of the reasons may be urgent such as losing your house keys or someone has stolen your house keys. Other reasons may be less urgent but still necessary such as the locks on the door may be worn or you just moved into a new home. Either way, Lock Doctor can help you by changing your locks for you and also cutting you some new house keys. If you need to change your locks at home, call us today on 1850 555 000. Here are 8 situations you may experience where you might need to change your locks according to


1. Lost Your Keys

Losing your keys is a huge inconvenience and can really ruin your plans for the day. If you lose your keys and you have been locked out then call us immediately on 1850 555 000. One of our locksmiths will be with you immediately and will get you back into your home. If you are worried that someone might have found or taken your keys when you lost them then give yourself peace of mind by changing your locks at home. One of our locksmiths can change the locks to your house and also supply you with new keys.

2. Moving into a New Home

When you move into a new home that had people you don’t know living there before you, it is best practice to change the locks to your house. It may be possible that there are more sets of keys to your home than you know about. This means that someone you do not know may have the keys to your house. Completely secure your home by changing the locks to your house and getting new keys cut. This will give you complete control over who has keys to your house.

3. Experienced a Divorce, Bad Break Up or Dispute with Former Housemate

If you experienced a bitter end to a relationship with a spouse, ex partner, friend or roommate then you should have your locks changed when they move out. It is possible that they may try to take something from the house or even vandalise your home in the heat of the moment if the dispute is still ongoing.

4. Experienced a Robbery or Attempted Break in

If someone manages to break into your house or even attempts to then you should re-assess your home security. This means changing the locks at home, inspecting windows and installing security products. If you need domestic security advice or are looking for a professional to assess the security of your home, call Lock Doctor on 1850 555 000. We offer free domestic security surveys.

Change your locks at home

5. Someone Borrowed Your Key

If you let a plumber, electricial, repair technician or even a former tenant a key. It is possible that you never got it back then you will need to change the locks on your home. In most cases, it is likely that these people just forgot to return the key and will never return to your house. Although, it is better to be safe rather than sorry so the best option is to change your locks at home.

6. Your Child has Lost a Key or Let a Friend Borrow it

Kids will be kids which means sometimes they will be irresponsible even when it comes to house keys. They may leave them behind at school, at training or at a friends house or even lose them at a party or at a shopping mall. It is also possible that they may lend them to a friend and the friend may have lost them or forgot to return them. In any of these cases where you don’t manage to locate the key, it is best to change the locks.

7. Your Old Locks are Worn and Have Become Difficult to Use

Over time, old locks or keys can become rusty or worn. This can lead to them becoming difficult to use or the key can even get stuck in the lock. In the worst case scenario, your lock or key would stop functioning and that would leave you and your home vulnerable. Change your locks at home before that happens. Call Lock Doctor on 1850 555 000 to book an appointment to have your locks changed and new keys cut.

8. You Haven’t Changed the Locks in a Long Time

If you have never had to change the locks at home before then count yourself lucky. Although, if it has been a very long time since the locks were installed or changed then you may need to look into upgrading your locks at home. Change the locks at home and upgrade your locks and keys to a more secure and up to date product. This will give you peace of mind that your house can continue to be completely secure.

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