Why Home Security Risk Assessments are Important

One of the top priorities for homeowners is ensuring their home is as secure as possible. Unfortunately, for many people, what is considered secure can turn out to be just the opposite. The problem is many people are not aware of the potential vulnerabilities that criminals frequently exploit. This is why a professional home security […]

5 Ways to Prevent Burglary at Home

Prevent Burglary At Home Domestic security is important to every home owner as well as every tenant. There are multiple ways in which your home can be broken into but there are also multiple ways you can prevent burglary. Lock Doctor are domestic security experts and we also supply and fit top of the range […]

8 Reasons to Change Your Locks at Home

Change Your Locks at Home There are plenty of reasons as to why you may need to change the locks of your house. Some of the reasons may be urgent such as losing your house keys or someone has stolen your house keys. Other reasons may be less urgent but still necessary such as the […]

How to Secure Your Windows at Home and Prevent Burglary

Secure Your Windows at Home It is important for every home owner to secure every window in their home. Windows are a common entry point for burglars. They are often seen as the weak point of every home so it is important to secure them as well as inspect them regularly. Here are a few […]

8 Domestic Security Tips to Keep the Burglar Out This Winter

Domestic Security Advice from Lock Doctor Christmas is on the way which means that the Winter is here and the nights are getting longer. During the Christmas season, many of us leave the house while we go Christmas shopping, attend Christmas parties or visit family for a couple of days. Burglars are aware of this […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Safe in Your Home

Why You Should Have A Safe in Your Home Safes are often found in offices and business but many don’t realise that they could also be useful at home. Domestic security is essential for every home and Safes are one way to help you secure your most important possessions. Lock Doctor stock a range of […]

How Lock Doctor Can Help with a Home Lockout

Home Lockout – Lock Doctor can help A home lockout is a major inconvenience to your day but it can happen to any of us. It can also happen in a number of ways. You can accidentally lock your keys into your house. You can lose your keys or your keys can be stolen. If […]