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Top 5 Security Products from Lock Doctor to Improve your Domestic Security

Domestic Security Products from Lock Doctor

Lock Doctor are so much more than your average local locksmith. We do everything a locksmith can do such as cut your keys and change your locks. We can also give you expert domestic security advice and provide your home with top of the range domestic security products. Our security products will give you peace of mind and we are always here if you need professional domestic security advice. Call us on 1850 555 000 if you ever have a query or need security advice. Read on to find out more about our top 5 domestic security products.

Window Restrictors

Window Restrictors help improve your domestic security in two ways. They are both a burglar detterent and also help with child safety. When it comes to preventing break ins, door restrictors make it difficult for burglars to gain entry via your windows. Even if you leave a window open for ventilation, the window will only be allowed to be open a tiny bit. This will make it impossibly for anyone to access your house via your windows. As well as keep burglars out, window restrictors also help keep kids and pets in. Once kids start walking, they will soon start climbing. This means that they will climb up near windows but window restrictors will give you peace of mind if this happens. Your window will only open a small amount so there is no fear of a child getting out or falling out of the window.

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Door Restrictors

If you have a uPVC door that needs a simple but extremely effective security chain then Secure Ring door restrictors are ideal. As it doesn’t void your warranty and provides extra strength and security where you need it. The Secure Ring chain is a simple steel chain and loop that attaches to your door handle for security. It can withstand the brute force of a battering ram, should your house be raided. On the simpler side, it is effective enough to use as a simple child safety lock to prevent your children from opening the doors without you knowing.

The Secure Ring is the first door chain of its kind to be officially approved by the UK police forces and is the world’s only “Secured By Design” restrictor. This means that the product was approved as having a sufficient design to secure and protect properties from crime. Available in three colours: White, Black or Bronze. It can also be install seamlessly onto your front or back door to give peace of mind.

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Window Locks

Windows are one of the weakest entry points in the home, so it is a good practice to invest in security window locks, especially on the ground level. Protect your windows and your home in general with window locks from Lock Doctor. With the NoGo Window Lock, the discreet lock is fixed to the inside of the double glazed window frame. Securing it and making it impossible for the glass panel to be removed. The NoGo Window Lock comes in several colours and finishes, to best match your window. Installed in a few minutes, it is a really simple and cost-effective solution, to secure your windows.

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If you experience the unfortunate event of burglar successfully gaining access to your home, Safes can help you protect your most important items. You can store anything from important documents such as passports to jewellery to cash to photographs in your Safe. Once your items are locked in your Safe, it is almost impossible for anyone to get them out without knowing the combination code. Lock Doctor supply and fit underfloor Safes, wall Safes, designer Safes and fireproof Safes. Call us on 1850 555 000 to find the perfect Safe or pop into any of our shops across Ireland.

Security Lights

Security lighting is a deterrent as it exposes the burglar. A burglar always looks for places with little or no lighting. The NightWatcher security light from Lock Doctor has a patent pending motion tracking feature built into a PIR lamp. The NightWatcher detects an intruder’s motion within the field of vision of the PIR. It then points the lamp directly at the intruder. As the intruder moves across the PIR field of vision, the motorized NightWatcher lamp head also takes aim and follows.

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